Famous opera singer José Carreras and musician A. R. Rahman received the World Economic Forum Crystal Award 2011 on Wednesday at the opening ceremony.

The WEF Annual Meeting held in Davos, Switzerland, is an unrivalled platform attended by leaders from industry, government, academia, civil society and the media to shape the global agenda and catalyze solutions at the start of each year.

Both the artists were honored for their contribution to the world of arts and culture and for reaching out to other cultures, supporting the Forum's mission to improve the state of the world.

Rahman, noted for his outstanding musical creations in Slumdog Millionaire and Couples Retreat asked the participants to extend their support to help eradicate poverty in underdeveloped countries.

Noted for his works to fight leukemia, Carreras said that It is our duty to use our popularity in order to give as much back to society as we receive from it. As a cured leukaemia patient, I am eternally in debt to the professionals who helped, and my work is to turn my gratitude into action.

As founder of the José Carreras International Leukemia Foundation in Barcelona, José helps to improve the life of other leukemia sufferers through campaigns and clinical research.