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The FBI has offered a $10,000 reward Monday for any information leading to the arrest of a Wisconsin man who’s currently on the run after allegedly robbing a gun shop on April 4 and sending a 161-page handwritten government to President Donald Trump.

Joseph A. Jakubowski, 32, deemed as "armed and dangerous" by police in Rock County, Wisconsin, have been on the run for about a week. Authorities released photos of his tattoos on their Facebook page Tuesday to further help with the search. Jakubowski’s tattoos are located on his hand, inner forearm and upper arm. The word "true" is written on his right hand, letters "BOS" on his upper arm, and the word "Jigga" on his inner forearm.

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Rock County Sheriff officials said Jakubowski was displeased with the federal government so he decided to mail a manifesto to Trump that included "grievances against government and personal angst towards anyone or anything other than natural law or rule."

Jakubowski was also suspected of stealing more than a dozen high-power firearms, along with a bulletproof vest and helmet Armageddon Supplies, in the city of Janesville, according to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. "A large quantity of high-end handguns and rifles were stolen and the suspect fled the scene," authorities said.

The Rock County Sheriff's Office said local, state and federal law enforcement officers are all involved in the case.

"All local, state and federal agencies continue to be involved in this search and additional resources have come in from Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota," the sheriff's office said.

Also, residents in the community are very much involved as they sent hundreds of tips last week to investigators searching for Jakubowski. A press release from the sheriff's office claimed that there were over 500 leads and tips with more than 100 "being currently pursued."

Thankful for resident’s involvement in the case, police have warned them to not approach Jakubowski and to "remain vigilant." Civilians were advised to call 9-1-1 immediately, police said.