Meghan Markle
Joshua Silverstein opened up about how Meghan Markle kissed him during a summer camp. Pictured: Markle during her visit to the Eikon Centre wuith Prince Harry to attend an event to mark the second year of the youth-led peace-building initiative "Amazing the Space" on March 23, 2018 in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Getty Images/Niall Carson

Joshua Silverstein revealed what really happened during the summer when Meghan Markle kissed him.

The "Suits" actress and the future royal had been bold even during her younger years. In fact, it was Markle who initiated her first kiss with Silverstein when she was just 13 years old.

"It was the end of a workshop and we were kind of leaving and walking out," the 36-year-old comedian told DailyMailTV. "I noticed her making a beeline toward me with a lot of intention and there was a kiss. At the end of the class. It did catch me off guard."

"She kissed me. She made the move. And I think I was like, OK – we're at that phase of our relationship right now, we're kissing. That was what happened," Silverstein continued. "There were other kisses after that moment. She definitely made the first move and initiated the first act of affection in that way."

According to Silverstein, they hugged and held hands but never kissed until Markle made the move. "We had already become a couple. We had held hands prior - I've always been affectionate, so we'd already hugged. But the kiss was definitely her, her initiative absolutely," he said.

Speaking about his ex-girlfriend, Silverstein praised the "Horrible Bosses" actress for her talent, boldness and kindness.

"Meghan as a 13-year-old was very kind, very sweet, very talented, very interested in the theater camp – it was then that we saw how impressive she was on stage," the performer gushed. "She was charming and quirky. She wasn't a stereotypical 13-year-old girl; she wasn't decked out in pink every single day, she wasn't flaunting make-up or anything. She was her own person, very authentic to who she was at the time."

Markle previously opened up about her first kiss in an interview back in 2013 on "Larry King Live." "Joshua Silverstein, I was 13," Markle said at the time. "It was at a summer camp, and I kissed him."

Silverstein is now married to photographer Cynthia Guillen. The couple shares two children together. Meanwhile, Markle is tying the knot with Prince Harry on May 19 at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.