Julia Fox is getting real about her mental health struggles.

The 32-year-old actress opened up about her experiences with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in a new video shared on TikTok on Saturday. The clip showed the actress replying to a fan who asked, "Can u make a video about navigating ur career while being neurodivergent?"

"It's been very difficult," the "Uncut Gems" star said, adding, "I have bouts of like, great productivity, where I'm on top of the world and just feeling like I'm invincible. And then, I have moments of like, deep, deep, deep, stagnant type of feeling, like I just can't f***ing move."

Fox also revealed how "tough" it is to deal with ADHD.


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"I've never really talked about it, but like, ADHD is really tough," she said in the clip. "I have a little bit of OCD as well, which I just realized was OCD, because I used to count the number of letters inside of words in my head, and I'd always want them to reach to 10, and if I'm not smoking weed, I'm literally counting."

A neurodivergent person, Cleveland Clinic says, is a person whose brain works differently for some reason. People who are considered neurodivergent typically have learning disabilities, medical disorders, and other conditions. One of these is having ADHD where the person usually finds it hard to pay attention to something or to manage time. It is a lifelong disorder that could be managed with medicine and behavioral treatments.

Another condition that a neurodivergent person could have is OCD. This disorder causes people to have anxiety and uncontrollable fears, thoughts or urges. People with OCD try to lessen their anxiety with repetitive actions called compulsions which can be managed by clinical therapy and medications.

The actress said she has been using marijuana to manage her OCD symptoms, but it is not helping her with ADHD and her issues with productivity.

"So, the weed quiets down the OCD, but it does not help with the productivity issue with the ADHD. Ugh, it's just too much," Fox said.

Julia Fox
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 11: Julia Fox attends the premiere of A24's "Uncut Gems" at The Dome at Arclight Hollywood on December 11, 2019 in Hollywood, California. Rachel Luna/WireImage