Anita Patrickson fall fashion
Celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson, who has worked with stars like Chrissy Teigen and Julianne Hough, talked about fall fashion and her International Style Institute. Handout

Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson is behind some of the glamourous and chic looks we see on celebrities such as Julianne Hough, Chrissy Teigen and Ariel Winter. The Texas-born fashion guru was in the middle of catching New York Fashion Week runway shows and prepping clients for the Emmys when she took a break to chat with International Business Times about fall trends, how she launched her freelance career and her upcoming three-day style institute.

Patrickson, who grew up on a farm in South Africa, said she fell into the fashion industry, and didn’t realize she wanted to be a stylist until she landed a job at Conde Nast . “I didn’t realize at the time what an incredible opportunity that was,” Patrickson told IBT. “And then I fell in love with being on set, and telling a story with the clothes and from there, I just really went out on my own and opened the door to being a stylist.”

Patrickson also said her love for traveling -- she grew up in South Africa and studied education in London before relocating to Los Angeles -- has helped her develop a “deep perspective” when it comes to fashion. “I think traveling always affects everything. For me, it’s the most important thing that I do, just on a personal level and on a professional level,” Patrickson said. “I think it just opens your eyes and just adds in such a deep perspective. It influences everything.”

“As far as fashion goes, you see things in a different way,” she added. “I just feel like it gives you such a good perspective and different ideas.”

The stylist also dished on some of her favorite fashion trends, and gave expert tips on how to transition a summer wardrobe to the fall. Thankfully, those cute summer dresses don’t have to see the back of the closet just yet. Patrickson said one easy way to still wear warm-weather pieces in the fall is to layer it with something heavier.

“Whenever you’re transitioning to seasons [layering is] a huge part of it,” Patrickson explained. “When you are layering, use different textures so you don’t get too much bulk. Like some lace with some cashmere or a heavy knit.”

She also suggested throwing on a pair of ankle boots and tights with a cute summer dress. “I think tights are a great way to bring a lot of your end of the season dresses in,” Patrickson said. “Add some colors like burgundy and olive greens and black. [But], when you’re doing black mix in textures a lot to keep it interesting so it doesn’t get too heavy.”

As far as staple pieces every fashionista needs in her closet this season, Patrickson said leather pants and skinny jeans are always good items to have. The celebrity stylist also said other must-have pieces include a good leather jacket, a white button up, a great pair of vintage jeans, a cashmere coat “you can belt or leave open,” a cute dress and ankle boots with a thick heel. And just in case you’re wondering how much money you should shell out for a chic wardrobe, Patrickson stressed buying trendy clothing doesn’t have to cost big bucks.

“Put your money into statement pieces, but when you’re buying trendy items there’s absolutely no reason to spend [a lot of money] on them,” Patrickson said, noting that one of her favorite stores is H&M. “Shop around, do your homework,” she added.

For those who want to get even more expert tips, Patrickson is hosting her second International Style Institute in October. The three-day course, running from Oct. 2 to Oct. 4, will provide aspiring stylists and those interested in the industry an opportunity to learn about being assistants, preparing for a shoot, taking clients’ measurements and so much more.

“I just felt there wasn’t really anything that fit everything you need to know as a stylist into a kind of crash course,” Patrickson said, adding that the syllabus for the institute took her several months to complete because it’s so intense. “It’s everything that I know and have come to rely on as a stylist. This just gives you everything you need to learn.”

The International Style Institute will also include guest speakers, tips on how to style for the red carpet versus press tours and other major events, and how to get designers to lend outfits. Participants will also have the opportunity to work with celebrity photographers and makeup artists and get to style a professional model.

“It’s such an intense, amazing three days. It’s just so much to get from it,” Patrickson said. In March 2016, the celebrity stylist revealed she’s trying to bring her institute to New York at the Conde Nast building.