Binoche and Amalric
Director Amalric, director Beauvois ,actors Binoche and Bardem, pose on stage during the award ceremony of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival Reuters

Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Amalric, both French actors of repute, will star in Cosmopolis, a film adaptation of Don DeLillo’s book of the same name, according to Screen Daily and C7nema. David Cronenberg is directing the movie.

The roles for both the acclaimed actors have not been specified yet. Robert Pattinson is already a part of the movie and will play a financial whiz who bets his entire fortune in the market and ends up in trouble with people gunning for him. The story follows him escaping in a car and being delayed by a celebrity funeral, a presidential motorcade and an anti-globalization demonstration.

Paul Giamatti and Keira Knightley have also been finalized for the movie. IB Times had earlier reported that Colin Farrell was approached for Robert’s role. However, the Phonebooth actor told MTV that he didn't end up doing Cosmopolis due to timing and scheduling issues ‘for everyone involved.’

Juliette Binoche won an academy award for her role in The English Patient. Her other notable films are Chocolat, Three Colours: Blue, Breaking and Entering and Dan In Real Life. Mathieu Amalric is well known as a director too; his film, The Tour, won him the best director award at Cannes (2010) . He is best known for his role in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and has played the villain, Dominic Green, in the Bond movie Quantum of Solace.