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"Dragon Ball" fans seemed not interested, not excited, and revolting on the rumor that Disney is currently working on a live-action "Dragon Ball" movie. Bandai Namco/Jump Force

Bandai Namco announced that it will be postponing the last two open data days for the "Jump Force" beta. During its first two days, the beta encountered many connection snags which Bandai Namco doesn’t want to happen for this game. Here’s what we know about this announcement.

As seen on the official Bandai Namco Twitter, the last two "Jump Force" open beta dates will be rescheduled at an unknown date. Fixes to make a “stable online environment” will be pushed out first rather than continue the supposed Jan. 19 and 20 schedules for the beta. For now, we’ll have to keep updated to know when those next dates are. Since the game will be released on Feb. 15, we may just have to wait for a few days up to a week for these fixes to be done.

During the first two days of the beta, many players experienced difficulties in connecting to "Jump Force" beta servers. Bandai Namco was able to announce the fix and deploy the patch for it which finally allowed players to try out the upcoming game. However, it’s been a good hour since the issue began pestering the players and the beta only runs for three hours.

Nevertheless, the fix applied to the "Jump Force" beta allowed players to use the available modes in the beta, namely its P1 vs CPU and Quickmatch. The P1 vs CPU was the straightforward regular match against a CPU, while the Quickmatch was the online versus mode against other players. After picking one the 17 accessible characters, players could brawl it out with their teams of three anime characters at “best of two” matches.

As of now, the "Jump Force" fights feel a bit similar to the "Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm" series where both players would fight on the 3D field as opposed to the usual 2D screen. While each character boasted their own damaging attacks, the super moves that seem to shatter worlds and level buildings can only deal similar to damage to a character’s regular moves. For now, we’ll have to wait for what Bandai Namco can add to this beta to make it up to interested players wanting to try out "Jump Force."