Bandai Namco Jump Force Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki shows off in Jump Force Bandai Namco/Jump Force

Bandai Namco has confirmed that Boruto Uzumaki is joining the "Jump Force" roster this coming Feb. 15. Moreover, the "Jump Force" beta test is currently ongoing, allowing players to try the early version of the game out for free. Here’s what we know about the upcoming content for "Jump Force."

As seen on the official Bandai Namco Twitter, Boruto Uzumaki has been confirmed as part of the starting roster of "Jump Force." His addition ups the roster to 37 confirmed characters. While there’s a wealth of playable characters in "Jump Force," players are actually allowed to bring at least three of them in matches.

So far, Boruto Uzumaki is the main character of the "Boruto" series, a spiritual successor to Masashi Kishimoto’s "Naruto" series. Similar to his father Naruto, Boruto uses the Rasengan to fight as seen in the promotional images about him. Moreover, the moves featured in his Twitter reveal are similar to how Naruto fights when he was as young as his own son. Once the game is released, players will be able to play him as he’s part of the main roster of "Jump Force." Lastly, nine DLC characters have been revealed for this game.

Moreover, the "Jump Force" Beta is currently ongoing. Players would be able to try out "Jump Force’s" systems and 17of its characters as not all is included. The "Jump Force" beta has specific uptimes and currently experiences some difficulties which makes it crucial to check the official Bandai Namco Twitter every now and then for more updates about the PS4 and Xbox One beta servers. Here are the specific dates and server uptimes

  • January 18th: 4am-7am
  • January 18th: 9pm-12am
  • January 19th: 8am-11am
  • January 20th: 12pm-3pm

Make sure you’ve installed the "Jump Force" beta before hand to make the best out of the limited availability of these servers. Once inside the servers, players can fight against CPUs or other players using the characters available. All of the 17 characters are available for the fight and not in any unlock rotation schedules. Fight to your heart’s content as many of anime’s known heroes and villains fight together in this clash of worlds.