• Bryce Hall could face one year in jail and fines up to $2,000 dollars
  • TikToker Blake Gray was also charged
  • Power was shut off at Hall’s Hollywood Hills home earlier this month after massive parties

Minutes after Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer charged TikToker Bryce Hall for allegedly throwing several parties in violation of public health restrictions, the hashtag "Justice For Bryce Hall" started trending on Twitter. However, the hashtag soon fell out of place after several Twitter users started questioning it.

Feuer announced criminal charges against Hall and another TikToker, Blake Gray, for hosting parties in the Hollywood Hills area. Feuer said the two TikTok stars could face one year in jail and fines up to $2,000 dollars.

"We allege these hosts have been incredibly irresponsible, with a highly infectious disease spreading and parties banned because of it, and we allege they violated the law," Feuer said during a press conference Friday.

"If you have a combined 19 million followers on TikTok in the middle of a public health crisis, you should be modeling great behavior, best practices, for all of us, rather than brazenly violating the law and posting videos about it," he added.

Minutes after this, hashtag "Justice For Bryce Hall" started making rounds on the social media app. However, many Twitter users questioned the hashtag as off late, various versions of it are being used on social media platforms to support people of color who have faced police brutality in the past.

"Justice for what? being a straight white man?" one person tweeted.

"y’all could’ve put any name in front of this hashtag and y’all chose Bryce Hall," another Twitter user wrote.

Earlier this month, Mayor Eric Garcetti authorized the city to shut off power at Hall’s Hollywood Hills home after massive parties.

"With more than 2,000 Angelenos — and over 170,000 Americans — lost to COVID-19, we need every resident to undertake critical safeguards to stop the spread of this virus. That includes not hosting or attending parties that put themselves, their neighbors, and many others at risk,"  Garcetti said in a statement Wednesday.

"Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders. The City has now disconnected utilities at this home to stop these parties that endanger our community," the Mayor added.

bryce hall TikTok star Bryce Hall is a Sway House member. Photo: Instagram/Bryce Hall