The new “Justice League” trailer reveals all kinds of new things. We see Aquaman underwater, a villain infiltrating Wonder Woman’s home, the Flash revealing that he doesn’t know how to fight and more. However, it’s what audiences didn’t see that has them talking.

The end of the “Justice League” trailer, which was debuted at San Diego Comic Con, shows Alfred (Jeremy Irons) talking to someone off camera. “He said you’d come,” Alfred says. “Now let’s hope you’re not too late.”

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The trailer, seen above, never shows who Alfred is talking to, but fans have theories. The most popular guess is that it’s Superman (Henry Cavill). The Kryptonian hero hasn’t been shown in any of the trailers, but Cavill confirmed that he’ll be in the movie. He even shared a photo of his black suit last year.

Superman, of course, is the reason Batman (Ben Affleck) is putting together the Justice League. Superman died in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” while fighting Doomsday. At his funeral, Bruce revealed to Diana (Gal Gadot) that he was starting a team to fill the void Superman is leaving behind. However, viewers also saw the dirt on Superman’s grave levitating, indicating that his death isn’t going to be permanent.

This makes Clark Kent the most obvious choice for the return at the end of the trailer, and some fans think they’ve found evidence that confirms his identity. In the right corner of the trailer, there is something out of focus while Alfred is talking. Fans believe it’s Superman’s iconic red cape. Especially when lightened, the red becomes clear.

However, Superman isn’t the only option for the mystery person. Alfred says, “He said you would come.” If everyone believes Kal-El is dead, they probably aren’t warning of his return. Others believe that Alfred’s glasses show a hint of green in the reflection, and they’re interpreting that as a clue that the Green Lantern will make his first appearance.

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The Green Lantern has yet to be introduced in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), but the trailer references him earlier. “No protectors here. No Lantern. No Kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others,” an ominous voice says. It implies that the Green Lantern may have already been a hero in the DCEU but has since disappeared.

The green light in Alfred’s glasses could be the Green Lantern. However, as some users pointed out, it could also be the reflection of lights on set.

The introduction of Green Lantern would make sense, especially since Warner Bros. teased more about the “Green Lantern Corps” movie at SDCC. It was confirmed that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will appear in the flick, ScreenRant reports.

Of course, other users came up with some entirely different ideas about the identity of the mystery person at the end of the “Justice League” trailer. Shazam and Martian Manhunter are two of the other names being thrown around.

“Justice League” fans will have to wait until the movie hits theaters to find out which theory is right. The film will be released Nov. 17.

Justice League trailer ending
The ending of the new “Justice League” trailer has sparked plenty of fan theories about which heroes will appear in the November movie. Warner Bros.