Apparently Justin Bieber thinks he’s retiring from the music business. Well, at least that’s what he said.

The 19-year-old Canadian superstar was being interviewed at Power 106 radio in Los Angeles when he made the claim that he would be done with making music after his new album dropped. That's expected next week.

But the Biebs must have put his joking pants on or something, because a source told TMZ that the teenage sensation was just joshing. As one insider put it to the news site, "The kid's got ambition." 

The laughs haven’t stopped there for Bieber. The “Beauty and a Beat” singer made a surprise appearance at the Laugh Factory on Friday where comedian Chris D'Elia essentially roasted the singer for his genie pants, leather tank top and faux-jersey. TMZ posted a video of his appearance at the show Tuesday.

The star continued to take the abuse until D'Elia made a joke about Bieber “f***ing himself.” That’s when JB had had enough and retorted that he “f***s bitches.” How ultra-classy.

After the impromptu roast, Bieber took to Twitter.  “One of the best @chrisdelia,” he wrote. “Funny night.”

Many Twitterati were gossiping about what J. Biebs said at the comedy show. While he took time to give a shoutout to D’Elia, he neglected the fact to apologize that he referred to females as “bitches.”

Bieber’s new song “Confident” off his coming album “Journals,” which features Chance the rapper, can already be downloaded on iTunes. The video for the song is set to come out early next year, with the rest of the album reportedly coming out in late 2014, MTV News reports.

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Check out the clip below, where the Biebs says he's done with music: