• Justin Bieber said he's able to comfortably talk about his past because he is no longer the person he was back then
  • He praised his wife, Hailey Baldwin, for bringing structure to his career
  • Bieber confessed he wasn't "empathetic toward women" and admitted to "overlooking" their struggles in the past

Justin Bieber got candid about making peace with his past and the positive changes wife Hailey Baldwin has brought to his life.

Bieber, 27, recently spoke with Billboard Magazine, where he opened up about his past and how his spouse influenced his career. He said he is now comfortable talking about his mistakes after reflecting on them and working on becoming a better person.

"I can talk about that part of my life and not feel like, ‘Oh, man. I was such a bad person,’ because I’m not that person anymore," Bieber said. "I also have done the work to know why I was making those decisions. I know where that pain was coming from, that caused me to act the way I was acting."

Bieber also talked about how Baldwin brought more structure to his career. He attributed his positive changes, especially in handling responsibilities, to the 24-year-old model.

"One thing that has been so helpful is my wife is so by the book. She’s so structured and routine and so responsible," the "Yummy" singer said, adding Baldwin helped him "realize that I either take responsibility for this or else I’m not going to be able to sustain a certain lifestyle that I want."

Bieber has never shied away from expressing his appreciation of his wife and has been open about the things he learned from her. He recently paid tribute to the women on International Women's Day, sharing that Baldwin has been educating him on the struggles women go through.

"I know i have been naive and haven’t been empathetic toward women in the past and have overlooked their struggles," he wrote on Instagram.

"I am learning everyday beside my wife as I see all of the struggles she faces that i will never have to face," he shared. 'I am committed to being better and more aware of the struggles women face that men never will!! Women you are superhero’s and deserve to be celebrated today and everyday."

Bieber is set to drop his sixth studio album, “Justice,” on March 19. The album will feature his songs “Holy” featuring Chance the Rapper, “Lonely” featuring Benny Blanco and “Anyone.”

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber, seen in 2019, documents his struggles with Lyme disease in a YouTube documentary. GETTY IMAGES/Jayne Kamin-Oncea