Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber, photographed at V Festival in Chelmsford, England, on Aug. 20, 2016, is back on Instagram after leaving due to rude comments from fans. Getty Images

Is it too late now to hit follow? Justin Bieber is back on Instagram after taking a brief hiatus from the photo-sharing app. The “Sorry” singer deleted his account after he and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez got into a bit of a tiff in the comment section.

Bieber did not make a show of his Instagram return and has yet to share new photos or videos. The Grammy award winner simply reactivated his previously deleted account. His last post is a video from Aug. 16, of his new dog, Todd. Despite him not having posted anything yet, fans quickly caught on to the fact that his account was back in action. Many took to the comments to welcome him with open arms. While he has yet to mention being back on Instagram, several days ago he tweeted “should I or shouldn’t I,” which some believed was a question of his plans to rejoin.

Although he’s been away from Instagram for a week, fans have still been able to get their Bieber fix in the form of paparazzi photos. Bieber, 22, has been vying for privacy, but that didn’t stop him and girlfriend Sophia Richie from engaging in some serious PDA during a recent trip to Mexico. The couple was spotted clinging to one another and kissing while sharing a sun chair on the beach. Bieber was, at one point, seen putting on or adjusting his swim trunks which led some to believe he and Richie were doing a lot more than kissing though that remains unconfirmed. The photos were published by the Daily Mail and quickly began making their rounds on the internet.

In the days since Bieber left Instagram, rumors have swirled about if and when he may come back. A new account using the name JustinBieberReboot popped up on the app not long after he left. The account was verified by Instagram’s team, but featured no photos. Bieber did not mention the account to fans, which created further confusion. Despite having posted no pictures the account quickly garnered more than 43,000 followers. It appears the account has since been deleted.