Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been spending a lot of time together, giving Jelena fans hope that the pop stars will get back together and live happily ever after. While young love is complicated enough, it doesn’t help that a plethora of reports and rumors have been circulating about the stars and the extent of their relationship.

In order to give fans a better understanding of what’s really going on with the pair, here’s everything we know about Bieber and Gomez’s relationship.

1. Bieber And Gomez Are Not A Couple

Sources have told E! News that the two are not “official” or fully back together. Although they are not in an exclusive relationship, insiders insist that “they are more together now than they were a year ago.”

2. Gomez’s Friends Don’t Approve

While those closest to Gomez want the “Wolves” singer to be content with her life, they don’t think Bieber is the one who will bring her complete happiness. “Her family and friends just don’t want Selena to be with the immature and foolish Justin they know,” a source shared with E!

Insiders previously told TMZ that Gomez’s family blames the “What Do You Mean” singer for the “13 Reasons Why” producer’s stint in rehab where she was treated for depression.

Nonetheless, the “Purpose” artist is doing his best to prove that he is worthy enough to be back in Gomez’s life. “He’s trying to change and be a better guy. We’ll see what happens...Justin is changing, but it’s a process. He’s trying,” another source told E! News.

3. Bieber Is Not Behind Gomez And The Weeknd’s Break Up

While many believe that Bieber is the reason why Gomez split from The Weeknd after 10 months of dating, sources revealed that it was the “Starboy” singer who broke off the romance. The Weeknd simply felt the relationship fizzled and was not interested in sticking around in a situation that he had lost passion for.

4. There’s A Reason Why Gomez Decided To Give Bieber Another Chance

Bieber and Selena have dated on and off from 2011 to 2014 and it turns out the “Same Old Love” singer decided to give her ex-boyfriend another try because of their history together. “Justin was Selena’s first love. He will always have a special place in her heart. She’s always held out hope that one day the circumstances and timing would be right,” a source told People.

Despite his faults, insiders insist that Gomez “always saw the best in him” and because of their past, she is willing to explore their relationship and its potential in the public eye instead of hiding from the cameras.

5. They Enjoy Being In One Another’s Lives

Following Gomez’s split with The Weeknd, she and Bieber seem to be spending a lot of time together and it’s because it makes them happy. “They’re having a great time together. Neither are seeing anyone else and they seem happy to leave it at this for now,” a source revealed.

“Spending time together makes them both very happy. For Justin, no one ever came close to comparing to Selena. He always thoughts she was the most special and now seems mature enough to realize Selena deserves the best,” the insider added.