Justin Bieber
Bieber subject of latest Facebook scam Reuters

Facebook scammers are claiming Justin Bieber was stabbed to try and get people to click on a hoax link.

The message tagged, Justin Bieber stabbed by a crazed fan outside a NYC nightclub, is accompanied by a vivid thumbnail of a male's back slashed by a knife.

The headline's claim will no doubt set Bieber's young fan base frantically clicking, but be warned; the link is one of many Facebook scams and the news has not been confirmed by any official new outlet.

The scam is given away as soon as the link is clicked, as Facebook users are asked to fill out a survey before they can continue. Each survey that is filled out awards scammers with commission. If you have encountered the message remove the link from your Facebook page to prevent it from spreading.

Facebook users are advised to inform their friends and tell them not to click or share the link.

If you come across such links in the future, check in with the Sophos page on Facebook, which keeps users up to date with Internet scams.