Justin Bieber To Return With New Song In 30 Days
Justin Bieber, pictured here at the premiere of Open Road Films' "Justin Bieber's Believe" on Dec. 18, 2013, will release a new song in 30 days. Getty

Brace yourselves. It looks like the Biebs is back.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Justin Bieber said the countdown has begun and it looks like he will be releasing new music next month.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest Wednesday, Bieber announced he will be releasing a new song called "What Do You Mean?" on Aug. 28. Bieber told Seacrest it's going to be an uplifting track. "It’s fun, it’s summery … Definitely the first single is amazing. I worked really hard on it with a guy named Poo Bear," Bieber said on Seacrest's radio show.

The 21-year-old singer also tweeted out a link to his website. Fans can keep track of the song's release date with the site's official countdown until the single from Bieber's upcoming album is released.

Recently, Bieber collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo on a song called "Where Are U Now." He said a lot of the new material on the album is going to be uplifting and poppy, but cool, similar to the track. "The sounds are super expensive. Skrilex is a genius. He’s super futuristic and I just love his sound. So to be able to incorporate that sound with what I’m doing has been super cool because it’s new and fresh. I feel like no one has done it before. I’m very excited," he told Seacrest.

Seacrest helped Bieber make the announcement in a quick nine-second video clip on Twitter. The clip can be seen below.

Bieber first teased his big announcement Wednesday morning by tweeting out, “Countdown time #BieberOnSeacrest."

The last time Bieber released an album was on Dec.23, 2013 when he dropped “Journals.” In March, he took a break from his singing career to star on a Comedy Central Roast.