Justin Theroux
Justin Theroux attends "Maniac" Season 1 Premiere at Center 415 in New York City, Sept. 20, 2018. Getty Images/ Steven Ferdman

After a false rumor suggested earlier this month that actor Justin Theroux had a new girlfriend — actress Laura Harrier — after his spilt with estranged wife Jennifer Aniston, another tabloid claimed this week the allegedly new couple were planning to move in together. However, Gossip Cop confirmed Theroux and Harrier had no such plans, since they were not even dating.

The latest baseless gossip was started by NW magazine with its latest issue titled, “Smitten Justin Hunting For A Love Nest.” The tabloid built the story on a single sighting of Theroux and Harrier strolling down the street of Paris in the recent past.

As so-called evidence to back up its claim “The Girl On The Train” actor and the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” actress were planning the big move, the tabloid only cited one anonymous “onlooker” who gave a vague account of what he or she witnessed.

“It looked like they could have been apartment hunting,” the onlooker said, refraining from mentioning details about the part of Paris the pair were allegedly looking for apartments in and the date on which they were caught hunting for the same.

Instead, the magazine went onto suggest there was no way of knowing the pair was dating because Theroux “is unlikely to confirm his romance with Laura any time soon.” Nevertheless the tabloid went onto speculate whether Aniston would be fine with her estranged husband dating another woman.

Gossip Cop busted the myth that Theroux and Harrier were apartment hunting after reporting they had verified from Harrier’s representative that she was not dating the actor. And since they were not dating, there was no reason for them to look for an apartment together.

The two were seen together because it was Paris Fashion Week from Sept. 23 to Oct. 3 and both of them are ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. Professional engagements led both of them to attend the Louis Vuitton’s spring 2019 collection and they might have chosen to take a stroll after the show.

Before the latest rumor surfaced, NW magazine also tried to romantically link Theroux to an array of female celebrities including Emma Stone and Selena Gomez, none of which had any truth to it.