Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried took to the red carpet on Monday for the London premiere of the new sci-fi thriller In Time.

Seyfried dazzled in the spotlight as she arrived in an electric blue short suit that she claims to have purchased from the High Street store, H&M. She wore her hair down in loose long curls and a suit with a pair of black platform heels. Her co-star, Timberlake, arrived in a dark black suit, worn with a thin black tie.

The plot: In the film, time becomes a type of currency. The aging gene gets switched off once people turn 25, but to prevent overpopulation each person is genetically engineered to live one year past 25. However, that's not to say everyone dies when they turn 26; time can be transferred in and out of people, and people can earn time by working, making it equivalent in reality, to the value of money. For example, a day of labor can earn you 24 hours to live, but a coffee costs four minutes of your life. This makes the poor in the film work, beg, borrow and steal while the rich can potentially love forever.