• Bono's daughter Eve Hewson revealed that she once "stole" her dad's address book to prank call Justin Timberlake
  • She called it "one of the best moments" of her life
  • She claimed that the pop star was charmed by her and didn't hang up the phone

Bono's daughter Eve Hewson recalled how she once "stole" the U2 frontman's address book to prank call Justin Timberlake. She considered it to be "one of the best moments of my life."

On Thursday, the 29-year-old "Tesla" star took a trip down memory lane and shared some of the fun moments of her childhood during an appearance on ITV's "This Morning." Hewson confessed that she took "advantage of my circumstances sometimes" for pranks.

"When I was younger, I stole my dad's address book. We tried to prank call a few people, but Justin Timberlake picked up and we asked him trivia questions from the back of the cereal box. It was one of the best moments of my life," Hewson said of her and her sister's antics.

The Irish actress went on to reveal that she believes Timberlake, now 40, didn't hang up the phone even after realizing it was a prank call because he was "doing well" in answering the questions.

"He just kept answering," she remembered, noting that the pop star "must be a very competitive person."

"He was charmed by us," added the daughter of Bono and activist Ali Hewson.

Meanwhile, Hewson recently starred in Netflix's limited series, "Behind Her Eyes." Based on Sarah Pinborough's 2017 novel of the same name, the series narrates the story of single mom Louise (Simona Brown) as she begins a new relationship with her married boss, David (Tom Bateman). Hewson plays David's mysterious wife, Adele, in the project.

“Usually when I’m on a movie I’m like the only girl in the cast with all old men… This was the first time I’ve shot with a bunch of young people my age. It was a damn good time," Hewson told Vogue.

Talking about her character, she said, “It was very, very satisfying to play Adele. There were just so many layers and complications and it was thrilling. Every day, each scene, it kept getting more exciting.”

Hewson also loved the wardrobe and hairstyle of her character. "There were some really great outfits – the costume department crushed that. Also: good hair. I miss that bob," she shared.

But when she isn't facing the camera, Hewson goes for a slicked-back ponytail to flaunt a "crazy" make-up look.

“I’m a total make-up freak. Every Irish girl loves make-up, it’s an event. I like to do a pop of color or a dark lip, or something crazy and neon every now and then," she said.

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