Kang Daniel and Park Ji-Hyo are officially dating. The K-pop industry was surprised by the recent admission after both celebrities were spotted dating near Kang's community in Hannam, Seoul, August 1.

TWICE's agency JYP Entertainment confirmed their relationship after a South Korean news site reported about the romantic rendezvous. The former Wanna One member's agency KONNECT Entertainment also corroborated JYP's remarks.

JYP said in a statement that both K-pop stars are "currently meeting with good feelings for each other." Meanwhile, KONNECT Entertainment apologized as it was revealed that the two are already engaged romantically for quite some time now. They stated that "Kang Daniel and Ji-Hyo are currently meeting with good feelings; please watch over them well."

Park is the leader of the nine-member group TWICE that made their debut in 2015. Kang is currently a solo performing artist after Wanna One went their separate ways in December last year.

Kang Daniel rose to fame in 2017 after becoming the top-ranking contestant in season 2 of Produce 101 in South Korea.

According to various reports, both celebrities were allegedly spotted in the early months of 2019. Sources familiar to the matter have said that Daniel and Ji-Hyo usually met at the former's luxury villa in Hannam-dong.

Observers of both parties have confirmed that Ji-Hyo's car is usually parked in the villa. Reportedly, the two go on a date at least once a week. A familiar friend purportedly bridged the relationship between the two.

Kang has recently released his debut mini-album "Color on Me" on July 25. TWICE is currently scheduled to perform in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on August 17.

Kang Daniel and Park Ji-hyo
K-pop artists Kang Daniel and Park Ji-hyo are dating Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Korea Crush

Several fans gave their congratulatory greeting on various social media platforms. A Twitter user said, "Power couple, I'm so so happy that the company didn't pull any YG or cube bullshit."

Another commenter remarked that "I'm happy for them!" While there are fears Ji-Hyo will be kicked out of TWICE, like other artists in the past; their agency has recently lifted a 3-year dating ban. Daniel is also on a solo contract according to his fans.