Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry is photographed at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards in New York City, Aug. 28, 2016. She did not reveal the identity of the father of her third child, but she did share a picture of "baby daddy" Becky Hayter on Snapchat. Getty Images

Kailyn Lowry isn’t ready to go public with all the details about her latest pregnancy. While the “Teen Mom 2” star is playing coy with fans, there’s one person she’s been able to open up to about her situation.

Kailyn fielded questions about her pregnancy during the “TM2: Live!” after show on Monday. She told host Nessa that she has been able to talk to Jo Rivera about her pregnancy. Kailyn, 24, said her ex, with whom she shares son Isaac, “was happy” for her despite the unconventional nature of the news.

“Jo and I were able to address our concerns and talk about things moving forward,” she shared (via Us Weekly). “Ultimately, he was happy for me and said, ‘Babies are blessings.’ So I couldn’t ask for a better support system from him.”

As for ex-husband Javi Marroquin, the reveal went far less smooth. Kailyn told “TM2: Live!” viewers she and Javi weren’t able to have a conversation about the baby before word got out. She blamed their inability to communicate in an effective way.

“As far as Javi goes, we didn’t have a conversation because we clearly don’t know how to have a healthy conversation,” Kailyn said.

Javi isn’t the only person with whom Kailyn has a strained relationship right now. On Wednesday, the “Teen Mom 2” star got into a fight with Javi’s best friend Peach, who also used to be close with Kailyn. Christina “Peach” Pietrobon made fun of Kailyn’s plastic surgery on twitter, calling her new butt “fat and unnatural.”

Kailyn responded by sharing several messages from Peach from when they were friends. She questioned who was worse — her for hurting Javi or Peach for ending their friendship based on what happened. Kailyn suggested that since she did nothing to her, their relationship shouldn’t have changed.

“I never did anything to YOU. You chose a side when we all could have been civil,” Kailyn wrote. “So you decide to hate me for something that didn’t involve you? And still doesn’t???”

Neither Kailyn, nor Peach got into specifics about what Kailyn did to hurt Javi. Rumors have been circulating that she cheated on him while he was on an Air Force deployment. Javi will have the chance to tell his side of the story when he releases his book, “Heartless Hustled.”

The title is an obvious riff on that of Kailyn’s most recent book, “Heart & Hustle.” Javi told Radar Online he will use the opportunity to get real about what ended he and his ex-wife’s marriage. He suggested that her book would be full of lies about their relationship.

“It’s actually a response to Kail’s new book coming out,” he said. “Except mine will be the truth and what she actually did that ended the marriage.”

Javi is not believed to be the father of Kailyn’s third child. She has yet to open up about who it is. Kailyn has said that this pregnancy is unconventional, but is what she wanted.