Rapper Kanye West has drawn national attention this week for officially changing his name to Ye. News of the name change wasn't overlooked by many comedians and social media users, who were quick to pounce with humorous comments.

"The Daily Show" host Trevor Host joked about Ye's new name, referencing his radical support of former President Donald Trump and the campaign, "Make America Great Again."

“And I’ll be honest, I get why he changed it. I mean, if I had gone super-MAGA like he did last year, I also would want to distance myself from myself,” Noah said.

Noah also made a point that Ye has never been small with anything that he does. “OK, first of all, I think it’s safe to assume that anything Kanye does is for personal reasons, this man has never uttered the words, ‘Let’s go with whatever’s easier for everyone."

Others also made jokes about that name change.

The satirical news website The Onion, in particular, had fun with the name change. They used their "American Voices" platform to take some jabs.

From The Onion: “He’s given me the courage to finally start going by ‘Ang,'" Angela Jesperson, a meme artist said. “Sweet, that means ‘Kanye’ is available," Vasu Salyer, a chalk colorist, said. “I’d try to distance myself from that guy, too,” said Gordan Kravinsky, a career networker.

There were also comments relating the name chance to the rebranding of Facebook.