• Kanye West said during a chat with Nick Cannon that mental illness is "an ability"
  • He claimed the "ability" has helped him see the truth "inside of a phony world"
  • West also spoke about breaking down in South Carolina while talking about his eldest child, North West

Kanye West has opened up about public speculation about his mental health during the second part of his interview with Nick Cannon on the latter's podcast, "Cannon's Class."

Concerns about West’s mental health began in July after he started crying while talking about his family during his July 19 presidential campaign rally in South Carolina. Reacting to the public’s interest in his mental health, West told Cannon that he sees mental illness as an ability.

"The funny thing is, people call me crazy and they discriminate against people with mental illness, or mental abilities," West said on the "Cannon's Class" episode released Tuesday, Sept. 8.

"Mental abilities—because it's actually an ability. It's a superpower," the 43-year-old rapper continued. "I'm not even gonna let y'all tell me it's an illness because I'm seeing the truth inside of a phony world."

During his chat with Cannon, West also spoke about breaking down in South Carolina while talking about his eldest child, North West.

The rapper had earlier revealed that he and wife Kim Kardashian had initially considered an abortion when they learned that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star was pregnant.

Although West attracted a lot of media attention for breaking down in tears while recalling this moment, the Yeezy founder said he does not regret it.

"To be ridiculed for crying for your daughter...the world needed to see me" West explained. "The world needed to see themselves; the fact that they would do that. But also I needed to see myself."

"I've had to be so strong that I didn't even know that I could break down," he added. "I've been through so much, I didn't know that I could break down."

In the first part of West’s chat with Cannon, the "Stronger" rapper said his abortion story had caused some to rethink their own choices.

"For anyone who wants to tear me down for crying, realize that because of South Carolina, there are people who have decided to have the child because they connected [to my story]," he said. "If they were on the fence about it... They never saw anyone in my position take that position and say: 'Look at this. This is a 7-year-old right here and she might have never made it here.'"

Kanye West Kanye West is seen in New York in November 2019. Photo: AFP/Angela Weiss