The Kardashian sisters are known for many things.

One of these is their insanely stunning wardrobes.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney stand out as three fashion icons in their own right. Each girl has a unique look unto herself, but all three are totally stylish. They push the boundaries of fashion and never settle for simple or predictable.

Going along with the classic Kardashian alliteration, their styles can be describes as such: sexy, sassy, and sophisticated.

First, there is Kim. Her style is sexy. She is the quintessential bombshell with pouty lips, doe-eyes, and dangerous curves.

Kim dresses to show off that infamous figure. Some of her wardrobe staples include bandage dresses, plunging necklines, and sky-high heels.

Next, there is Khloe. Her style is sassy, like Khloe herself. She comes packed with tons of awesome attitude and quick wit. Her outfit choices are daring.

Khloe dresses to stand out. She does not abide by the rules, but rather mixes things up to create a trend that is all her own. Some of her wardrobe staples include bright lipstick, playful prints, and one accessory: her jaw-dropping engagement ring (good job, Lamar).

Finally, there is Kourtney. Her style is sophisticated. Ever since Kourtney became a mother to son Mason she has developed a prim and polished flair.

Kourtney's talent is her ability to add a modern twist to classic ladylike pieces. Some of her wardrobe staples include pussy bow blouses, high-waisted pants, and oxford shirts.

Now, the real question is: whose style is the best?

Check out the slideshow of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.