Karl Lagerfeld
Fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld, 79, had some harsh words for France's president. Reuters

Karl Lagerfeld, noted High King of fashion, is set to make his break into Journalism as an editor for Metro, and is looking for an editorial assistant for his day in media.

According to a press release, Lagerfeld will become the Global Guest Editor at Metro for the Look Book on Feb. 7th.

I love daily papers and it's fun to be part of one of them just for the day. Metro is on a worldwide scale and it's even more fun, Karl Lagerfeld said in a statement.

Lagerfeld will produce a special issue editorial, The world according to Karl, with a group of editors and illustrators at Metro Paris just before the four global fashion weeks begin in New York, London, Paris and Milan. The issue will have interviews from special guests and celebrities and artwork.

Not only is Lagerfeld breaking into Journalism, but he is hiring an editorial assistant. Anyone can enter the contest by uploading a personal look book explaining their style to Lagerfeld. Social media is integrated in the competition, for users to promote their submissions on Facebook and Twitter through voting.

Ten finalists will be selected and one winner will be chosen. The winner will become the editorial assistant in Paris and win items from Lagerfeld's collections.

Contestants can enter using the following steps, according to Karl For Metro.

1. Sign up via Facebook or manually.

2. Fill in the required information, including a description of your fashion statement - your personal sense of style.

3. Upload at least one photo, of yourself and your outfit.

4. Promote your Look Book by sharing or liking the photos from your Look Book via Facebook or other social media to get as many votes as possible.

5. The 10 Look Books, with most votes in every country will be global finalists.

6. The global jury, lead by Karl Lagerfeld, will select one global winner.

Once again, Metro will have an iconic figure guest editing our papers and we're delighted, Metro Editor in Chief Tony Metcalf said. To have Karl Lagerfeld's expertise and insight at our disposal sets Metro apart and coming just a few months after Lady Gaga as guest editor, it is yet another real treat for Metro, our readers and advertisers.

Lady Gaga was most recently a guest editor for Metro and held a similar competition for an assistant.

I really appreciate the opportunity and it's a wonderful chance for me to show the world that little monsters are not just a fan thing, but exist outside the music world altogether, Gaga told Metro after her day spent as Editor.

Gaga reportedly showed up for her first day on the job back in May sporting large hair, black high heels, fishnets and a black bra.

I'm sorry if my business attire is a little different, she said.