[09:32] German designer Karl Lagerfeld appears at the end of the Chanel Cruise in Seoul
German designer Karl Lagerfeld appears at the end of the Chanel Cruise in Seoul at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, May 4, 2015. Reuters/Youssef Boudlal

Legendary German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld unveiled his new Karl Kids collection at his eponymous label’s headquarters in Paris Wednesday. The event included workshops for children, while kids and grown-ups munched on cotton candy and Karl Lagerfeld-stamped marshmallows as they witnessed the new collection.

The workshops included making key chains in the shape of Lagerfeld’s profile. There was also a pattern coloring workshop where kids could dress a Lagerfeld figurine.

The 81-year-old's designs include leather jackets, gloves and ties, all in Lagerfeld’s signature black. Also, the line features a Choupette headband, named after Lagerfeld’s pet cat. The feline also appears as the whiskered logo festooned on the clothes.

The new range is available for boys and girls up to the age of 16 years and also for newborn babies. The price tags for the biker tot-friendly bi-annual have not yet been disclosed.

The Chanel creative director’s signature kidswear collection will retail for spring 2016 with France’s Groupe CWF having the global license. Selected pieces will be available at children’s e-retailer Melijoe in December before the full collection rolls out to multi-brand stores and department stores internationally in January.

The designer took to Instagram and posted a video of his favorite pet.This is how it started with Bad boy! More about this love story on Karl.com,” he captioned the video with the hashtags Choupette, ChoupetteInLove and Karl Lagerfeld.

Another Instagram post said that the designer was launching a kids' collection to press at the headquarters, asking fans to stay tuned for more information. The picture showed two kids holding cotton candies, with a caricature of the designer in the background. Also seen in the picture were two black biker jackets.

French actress Céline Sallette attended the launch with her six-year-old daughter Alice. “She wants to decide what she wears now,” said the actress, talking about her daughter.

"The announcement reflects the brand's ongoing commitment to newness and will allow Karl Lagerfeld to share its ironic, playful, creative vision to a young audience," the brand said in a press release in February.