Ever since Kate Middleton returned from her North American tour, fans across the globe have wondered what the Duchess of Cambridge was up to. Wonder no more. The beloved wife of Prince William has reportedly been very busy at princess school.

The Telegraph reports that in recent weeks, experts on government, the arts, and the media were asked to visit St James's Palace to give the Duchess one-on-one tutorials to insure that she has a thorough knowledge of the Establishment.

In preparation for her lifetime of royal duties, Kate has been enrolled in what many are calling princess school.

The Duchess is being briefed on how the State works, getting to know our national institutions better and learning more about organizations such as the arts, the media and the government. It is a process that will carry on for several months but is being done privately, a royal source told TIME.

As well as meetings at St James's Palace, the duchess is spending time carrying out private research of her own, the source added.

The Telegraph suggests that the Royal Family is spending a great deal of time pruning the duchess to avoid the mistakes made in the case of William's late mother, Princess Diana.

Diana Princess of Wales was known to have complained about being thrown into royal duties with no coaching at all. She was quoted complaining that Palace staff thought she could adapt to being a princess overnight.

William made it clear since the announcement of the royal wedding that he would make sure his new bride would not become isolated the way his mother was. He has insisted that her family should be incorporated into their public life and that Kate herself be given all the support she needs to be introduced to the unique demands placed on royals.

Aside from her schooling, Kate Middleton has met with several charitable organizations in an attempt to decide which causes she would like to support. She is expected to make an announcement on her choice of charity patronages early in 2012.

After a whirlwind introduction to her royal duties, royal aides are keeping the Duchess's engagements and official duties to a minimum as she adjusts to her new role.

That said, Will and Kate are expected to open a new children's center at the Royal Marsden cancer hospital in Sutton next week.