Kate Middleton emerged as Queen Elizabeth II’s top asset in royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have just culminated their Pakistan tour on Friday. Many were very impressed with their trip  especially on Middleton’s confidence. In fact, the duchess being utterly flawless and completely at ease with her own skin didn’t go unnoticed to royal fans.

According to Lorraine Kelly, a columnist for The Sun, Middleton paid tribute to the late Princess of Wales by wearing stunning outfits inspired by Princess Diana. But aside from her beautiful wardrobe, Middleton was able to prove to everyone that she is worthy of her royal position.

“Kate has quietly and effectively emerged as the Queen’s top asset in the Royal Family,” Kelly wrote.

For her, the show-stopping moment for the duchess was when she stepped out in a highly decorate tuktuk for a glittering reception in Islamabad. The TV presenter added that Middleton’s outfit was Oscar red carpet-worthy. The duchess was also equally gorgeous when she played cricket days later while wearing a cream shalwar kameez and white trainers. Kelley added that Middleton is very different from Camilla Parker Bowles. 

“Camilla will obviously never have anything like the same respect and affection as Her Majesty, but skipping a generation, Kate has all the attributes to be a very effective Monarch one day at William’s side. She’s bright, beautiful and has a big big heart,” Kelley added.

According to her, since Middleton became a mother of three, she also became more confident as a charity ambassador and public speaker. The Duchess of Cambridge is very good in connecting with kids and making them smile. Due to Middleton’s charisma, Kelley is convinced that she would play an important role for the monarchy’s success.

“If the Royal Family is to survive it will all be down to this quiet but determined woman. It’s a heavy burden to place on such slim shoulders, but Kate is more than up to it,” she added.

Body language expert Judi James also pointed out Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II’s close connection. According to her, the Queen is very chatty when she’s with Middleton. The duchess also entertains the monarch. James pointed out that Middleton is only one of the few people that Queen Elizabeth II use prolonged bouts of eye contact.