Queen Elizabeth II is chatty when she’s with Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen had a rough start. According to previous reports, the Queen avoided Middleton for five years when she was still dating Prince William. However, throughout the years, their relationship has improved and according to a body language expert, the two royals shared a keen friendship. 

Her Majesty reportedly treats Middleton as a friend and daughter-in-law. Also, their body language is aligned with their mirroring actions.

According to James, Middleton is very careful to mirror the Queen’s body language when they appear together. The flattering postural echo has become a natural trait for the duchess rather than an acquired one. In addition, the Queen appears chatty with Middleton who entertains her.

“Kate is one of the few people the Queen seems to use prolonged bouts of eye contact with, making them look very chatty together, leaning head-to-head and with the Queen often being the one using signals of intense listening, suggesting it’s Kate doing the entertaining,” James said.

James added that the Queen is thought of as a naturally shy woman. However, when she is with Middleton, she “chats away with ease.” Also, back in May, when Middleton welcomed the Queen at the “Back to Nature” garden she co-designed, Prince William’s wife rushed forward to greet the Queen with a kiss with one hand gently and fondly touching Queen Elizabeth II on her arm suggesting their closeness.

“The Queen appeared to be chatting very quickly and this defines the keenness they seem to have to be in each other’s company,” James said.

Just recently, Ingrid Seward said that the Queen has a “terrific faith” in Middleton and Prince William. The monarch is confident that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would make their Pakistan tour brilliant. True to it, Prince William and Middleton won the hearts of the people in Pakistan.

Another thing that the Queen loves about Middleton is her “middle-class values” and close relationship with her family. Queen Elizabeth II is also very impressed with the future Queen consort because she never tried to garner extra attention for herself and nothing is flashy or showy about her.

Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II during a Diamond Jubilee Nottingham visit on June 13, 2012, in England.  Photo: Getty Images/Phil Noble