A batch of Kate Middleton fake dolls were seized due to health concerns.

According to Pippa Allen-Kinross, a journalist for Mirror, there was a shipment of fake Kate Middleton dolls that was intercepted on its way into the United Kingdom over concerns that they could cause cancer. The toys, dubbed "Princess Catherine Dolls," reportedly contain high levels of the toxic compound DEHP, which is used to soften plastic. This compound has been banned across Europe because of its risk of causing cancer.

The chemical compound's properties include phthalate that can lead to children being born with deformities. In addition, it can cause children to be infertile later in life. "It is frightening that large quantities of phthalates are still being used in children's toys, especially as it can cause serious long-term consequences to a child's health," chief of product safety at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute Robert Chantry-Price told Daily Star.

"If these toys fall into the hands of young children or babies, it's more likely they will chew on the plastic and consume the chemicals," he added.

According to him, the trading standards are continuously working to address these concerns. He also advised parents to be careful when buying toys for their children.

"Parents should be cautious when buying toys and not go for the first deal they see," he said.

The Middleton dolls were seized in the Czech Republic. However, there are still concerns that some made it into the UK and have been bought by parents as Christmas presents.

The Kate Middleton dolls have long dark hair and wear a sequined gold dress. They come in a pink package emblazoned with a crown, which reads "Kate Princess" and "Souvenir" on the back.

In related news, the Duchess of Sussex's parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, who own Party Pieces, a website that sells decor, costumes and fun items for every occasion, were under fire in October for selling Princess Diana zombie costume. Their website displayed a white princess gown covered in blood on its website which they named as "Zombie Sleeping Princess" for only $14.32. It was sold as a Halloween costume, but many were offended after seeing it, especially those who are close to the late Princess of Wales.

"This is sicker than sick," Princess Diana's friend Simone Simmons said. "I hope people boycott this site." She added that the costume was "warped and twisted." She also accused the company as "scraping the barrel."

"This is in very poor taste," Ingrid Seward added.

Carole and Michael immediately removed the item from their site after the backlash.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton fake dolls have been intercepted on the way into the UK due to health concerns. Pictured: Middleton visits BBC Broadcasting House on Nov. 15, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Neil P. Mockford