Kate Middleton’s friend recently revealed how the Duchess of Cambridge acts whenever she’s tipsy.

In the book “Kate: The Future Queen,” author Katie Nicholl revealed that one of Middleton’s unnamed friends told her that the mom of three was not one to get drunk.

“She’d get giggly and silly after a few glasses, so then she would stop. She was never interested in getting really drunk; she wasn’t a party girl,” the friend said.

During Middleton’s gap year trip to Italy before she started college, Prince William’s wife did a lot of socializing with the British Institute pupils.

“They would all get rather drunk and silly but Kate didn’t enjoy alcohol. She wasn’t uptight or boring, she was really fun and lovely, but going out and getting wasted wasn’t really her thing… She never ever let herself get out of control,” the unnamed source said.

In related news, Middleton also made headlines this week after it was revealed that she once got mortified by a rude prank before she became an official member of the royal family.

Several years ago, Middleton undertook a summer job as a deckhand at the Ocean Village Marina in Southampton. During one instance, one of the staff members rigged Middleton’s life vest with condoms so that they would fall over her when pulls the lever on the decks.

While Middleton was performing a safety presentation, all of the condoms fell in front of her and left her feeling embarrassed. Cal Tomlinson, one of her colleagues, told Nicholl in the same book that Middleton also felt mortified.

Middleton also took the incident more seriously than others might have, but she wasn’t thrown off by the incident. Middleton also reportedly felt very angry but she also settled down and didn’t feel the need to get even with those that pranked her.

Following the incident, Middleton started dating Prince William, and they tied the knot years later.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton visits the Scouts’ headquarters at Gilwell Park to learn more about the organisation’s new pilot to bring Scouting to younger children, on March 28, 2019 in Epping, England. Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland-WPA Pool