Buckingham Palace is enraged over leaked photos of Kate Middleton from her honeymoon last year with Prince William, after an Australian tabloid published pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a skimpy bikini.

The pictures leaked to Woman's Day show Middleton wearing a black bikini and Prince William donning purple, pink and blue floral swim trunks during their honeymoon 14 months ago. The royal couple is seen walking on the beach on vacation at Seychelles' North Island last May.

The 16 photos of Middleton wearing a bikini spread like wildfire on the Internet since they were posted this week by the Australian magazine, despite the Palace's disapproval.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge considered their honeymoon to be a very private event after their hugely public wedding, a Palace spokesperson said in a statement. For this reason they asked the media to respect their privacy. That is something they continue to do.

It is unclear as to how Woman's Day obtained the photos, as both Kate and William had an unofficial agreement with those who had the inside knowledge of their whereabouts on the honeymoon not to snap pictures.

Tom Sykes of The Daily Beast explained the couple was hoping to have a private getaway for their honeymoon.

At the time of their honeymoon, the Royal couple made it clear that they were desperate to have a truly private vacation, he wrote. Several newspapers knew the location of the honeymoon, North Island in the Seychelles, where Kate and William's beachside bungalow cost $5,000 per night, but agreed not to send photographers at the request of the palace.

Sykes said the photos were likely leaked by tabloids in the United Kingdom, but why it took over a year to publish them is the real mystery.

It is possible whoever secretly commissioned the photos then had second thoughts about alienating the Palace, and the photographer was then forced to wait out an exclusivity period before selling them, Sykes wrote for The Daily Beast. Contract intricacies may also explain why they have turned up in the Australian market rather than much bigger UK or US territories.

Even worse for the royal couple is that since the honeymoon images were published, unnamed sources began to divulge alleged details about Kate and Will's sex life, or lack thereof.

More often than not [for Kate], it's a case of off to bed for the night on her own while her husband is working, a source told Star, as reported by ShowbizSpy.