Surely everyone can appreciate a partner with a sense of humor. However, there is a time and place for everything. For Kate Middleton, the time and place are not while on a royal tour in Pakistan.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are currently on tour in the middle eastern county, paid a visit to a school on Tuesday morning. According to Express, it was during this visit that Prince Williams's sense of humor fell flat with his wife.

"This is the science class, yes?" Kate said as she entered the science room. "Some of the girls were saying that science is their favourite subject at school."

"Do you remember the periodic table?" the father of three questioned his wife. "I knew that a long time ago, but Catherine you remember it well, don’t you?"

The publication reported that Kate didn't answer her husband's question and quickly moved on to talking about girls' education.

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Perhaps this was an inside joke between the royal couple, but in any case, her actions seemed to indicate that Kate was unimpressed at the moment, maybe even a bit embarrassed. Whatever the situation, they will likely overcome it just like they overcame a tricky "phallic" situation during their royal tour in Canada.

While visiting the neutral country in 2016, they were presented with what was considered a delicacy.

"And suddenly we see this clam called geoduck," royal commentator Emily Andrews recalled. "It’s a very phallic-looking, kind of long tube and kind of a bulbous part at the end. It’s a delicacy and you eat it."

"And bless them, they both tried it," she shared.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, Prince William, Kate Middleton
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan (L) recalled "the love and affection" Pakistanis felt for Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William (R), who is visiting with his wife Kate Middleton. AFP/STR