For Kate Middleton, life isn't exactly a fairytale after all. 

The Duchess of Cambridge lost when she faced off against Prince William in the King's Cup Regatta and while she seemed to laugh it off, royal commentator, Juliet Rieden, doesn't believe the conversation ended there.

"Kate said to the photographers there at the time, ‘I want to win this.’ I’m pretty sure she wanted to win this one, too," Rieden said. "I expect there was a lot of talk about it back home afterwards, yes."

"Kate is a bit of a keen sailor and she was expecting to win but she came last," she continued, according to Express. "She obviously didn’t have any sway with the judges, so William presented the wooden spoon to her – a massive spoon, there was much hilarity."

The British publication went on to explain that although there was a bit of humor in the 37-year-old placing last in the race, she was "humiliated." 

Something more humiliating than losing a boat race would be Prince William's cheating rumors, although it's highly likely they are false. Prince William and Kate even seemed to support the narrative that the allegations are not true when they sent an invitation for a state banquet to his alleged mistress.