• Kate Middleton started sharing photos of her children with the public to update them on her kids' progress
  • Curator Claudia Acott Williams said this move allows Middleton to maintain the element of control and privacy
  • Williams added that Middleton's shots gave the public a unique and intimate perspective of her children from a "mother's view"

Kate Middleton's decision to take her children's photos and share them with the public is a way for the duchess to maintain privacy while taking charge.

The Duchess of Cambridge is into photography. She usually takes photos of her three children — Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3 — whenever they have milestones like birthdays or their first day of school and shares them with the public. According to Kensington Palace curator Claudia Acott Williams, Middleton is a "very good photographer" and her decision to personally take the photos of her kids serves a purpose.

"She has started releasing her own photographs of her children as a way of sharing their progress with the public," Williams told Us Weekly Tuesday. "By releasing her own photographs, she's kind of maintaining an element of control and privacy for them."

Aside from acknowledging Middleton's skills in photography, Williams also gave the Duchess of Cambridge a thumbs up for her "slightly different approach to maintaining" her and Prince William's children's public image.

"The royal family have continuously embraced the evolving technologies and evolving ways of sharing their images," she explained. "I think there's an understanding which was started with Prince Albert back in the 1840s that this technology is going to be a key tool in their relationship with the world and that it will shape the role and purpose of monarchy. I certainly think that is something they will continue to embrace in the future."

Middleton taking charge behind the camera also gives the public a "mother's view" of her children, "an intimacy that we don't often get," the curator noted. For her, the future queen consort's approach gives the public a unique perspective in a very intimate way while maintaining their privacy.

Williams also praised the quality of Middleton's pictures. According to her, it's clear that the duchess "has studied and honed" her skills. Williams is not the first to acknowledge and compliment the royal mom for her photography skills.

Veteran royal photographer Arthur Edwards is also a fan of her work. Edwards said her favorite picture from Middleton was the one she released to mark Prince William's 38th birthday, where the future king sat on a swing surrounded by their three children.

"I would have killed to have taken that picture," Edwards said of the photo captured by the Duchess of Cambridge. "Everybody's laughing at their mum, and you know that only a mother or a father could get that picture, and it's an absolute winner. Charlotte with her arm around daddy, you know, 'daddy's girl.' It's a lovely picture, I was so full of praise for her on that."

Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, Prince George, Prince William and Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton carrying Prince Louis, Prince George, Prince William and Princess Charlotte after Prince Louis’ christening service at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace in London on July 8, 2018. Getty Images/Dominic Lipinski