Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are getting their own emoji.

Artist Cathy Yu has released two new apps featuring the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex in emoji form. Both apps will be released on Wednesday on the App Store and Google Play, People first reported.

Middleton’s app called KATEMOJI includes memorable scenes from her royal wedding to Prince William in 2011 and her passion for photography. One emoji shows Middleton holding a camera. Another depicts the future queen consort wearing a tiara and a face mask. There are also fun images of her kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

“Kate is an established fashion trendsetter. She is able to pair together high-and-low pieces that drive women to these brands which lead to sold-out styles. She’s classic and poised, with a modern take on traditional elegance,” Yu said of Middleton.

On the other hand, Markle’s MeghanMoji features her most iconic moments from her big day, too. It includes her first kiss with Prince Harry as husband and wife. There are also images of the couple practicing yoga together and sipping a glass of wine.

Markle’s rescue dog, a beagle she named Guy, is also making an appearance. The former “Suits” star’s favorite purses and shoes also get their own emoji.

“With Meghan, I reviewed a plethora of images that showcased her distant fashion sense. I have been such a fan of hers since watching ‘Suits’. I was able to pull from memories of her style and consider its evolution. I was inspired by Meghan’s chic and polished look that still embodies the SoCal, laid-back attitude,” the artist said.

In related news, Prince Harry and Markle have already kicked off their official tour in Africa. The royal couple was photographed smiling on their first outing. However, some fans believed that Prince Harry is unhappy with Markle. There are also netizens who feel that the Duke of Sussex has lost his spark following his marriage to the actress.

During their outing, Markle wore Queen Elizabeth II’s most hated item by choosing a pair of wedge shoes. Markle is not the first royal to do this, Middleton is also a big fan of this footwear. The Duchess of Cambridge even surprised many when she wore a pair of wedge shoes while visiting the “Back to Nature” garden she co-designed when she welcomed the Queen.

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge stands with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at Westminster Abbey for a Commonwealth day service on March 11, 2019, in London, England. Photo: Getty Images/Richard Pohle