Kate Middleton is more confident while Prince William is “less assured.”

On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out together. According to body language expert Judi James, Middleton is becoming more confident as she takes a “more pivotal role” as the future queen. On the other hand, Prince William is taking the backseat and lets his wife take the lead.

“Here she is clearly central to this appearance and happy to instigate changes of pose rather than mirror William,” James told Express.

“The couple always used intense mirroring signals, often moving and posing in similar ways, but Kate finally appears happy to do her own thing too as she is doing here.”

James pointed out Middleton’s casual outfit and how she uses direct eye contact which makes her appear to be leading while Prince William is just following suit. The expert continued saying that Middleton’s sociable eye contact and smile make her the center of attention. On the other hand, Prince William grins and watches her from the sidelines.

When Middleton gave a handshake, she stretched out her arm, which according to James suggests a “strong, confident” handshake. Her raised thumb also suggests that she was having fun. Meanwhile, it was different for Prince William.

“William’s pose is less assured as he smiles down at the dogs with his arms hanging rather awkwardly at his sides,” James said.

Earlier this year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were plagued with infidelity rumors following Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury. However, the couple did not show signs of a strained marriage amid the rumors.

Over the weekend, Prince William, Middleton and their three kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis joined the royal family for Trooping the Colour. Their youngest son stole the show with his adorable wave.
Middleton was caught on camera trying to stop Prince Louis’ bad habit of sucking his thumb. However, the little prince refused and kept on putting his thumb in his mouth.

Prince William and Middleton were last seen at Cumbria. Middleton appeared to be feeling broody again during their visit as her attention was on the children, prompting rumors that she could soon have her fourth pregnancy.

Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge attend Easter Sunday service at St George's Chapel on April 21, 2019 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Samir Hussein/WireImage