Royal fans have been turning up in droves to place bets on whether or not Kate Middleton will announce she’s expecting a fourth child in 2020, but there is some skepticism that the sign she could be expecting is just wishful thinking.

According to The Sun, betting agents Ladbrokes had to suspend betting on the idea of the Duchess of Cambridge having a fourth child after they became inundated with bets on it. However. While nothing has been ruled out, the reason for fans believing she is pregnant has some questioning if that’s really the case.

Fans have believed that Middleton’s new hairstyle when she went to drop Prince George and Princess Charlotte off for the first day of school was a sign that she is expecting, because seven weeks prior to the announcement she was pregnant with Prince Louis, she had changed her hair, and it is believed she also did so seven weeks before announcing her first two pregnancies as well.

Body Language expert Judi James also weighed in on the possibility, stating that it isn’t uncommon for women, including Middleton, to change their hair before they announce their pregnancy, though Middleton’s explanation for the change was also a possibility.

“Like a lot of women Kate does tend to change her hair when she is pregnant, although not dramatically,” she told Daily Star. “The new style and color she emerged with when she took George and Charlotte to school did look like one of her glossiest and most fashionable looks to date. But then she did say she’d had it done for the school run, and it could have been aimed at giving her an emotional lift as Charlotte left home for school for the first time.”

However, even though Middleton may have explained the hair change, it didn’t stop the bets from coming in, as Ladbrokes revealed to the publication that they had to suspend betting because of all the speculation.

“Royal fans reckon Kate is showing early signs of a potential pregnancy. We’re so confident the happy couple will add a fourth baby to their family we’ve now pulled the plug on all bets,” the agency told The Sun. “We’ve welcomed two royal babies into the world in as many years and punters are seemingly confident Kate will make it three in three.”

“We’ve taken a flurry of bets across the country in shop over the last week or so following recent royal appearances from the Duchess of Cambridge,” they added. “Kate and Will have made it clear they’re keen to add to their family in the past and with a second baby to be expected from Harry and Meghan, and a potential royal wedding on the horizon for Beatrice, we’re strapping ourselves in for a hectic 2020!”

Kate Middleton Kate Middleton arrives to launch a new national support line at the charity Family Action on Jan. 22, 2019 in Lewisham, England.  Photo: Getty Images/Adrian Dennis