Kate Middleton and Prince William look perfect together, but is there anything disturbing about them?

On the online forum site Quora, one netizen asked for the most disturbing facts about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that many people do not know about. Most of the online users couldn’t think of anything scandalous about the couple, but one shared a surprising answer.

According to Martha Maudsley, Middleton is an “exhibitionist.” Based on the comment she read on a blog about Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Middleton attracted Prince William and she continues to do so by wearing clothing that blows up to show her thong panties from time to time.

Middleton had several Marilyn Monroe moments over the years. According to Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge was once dubbed “Kate Middlebum” because she loved to flash her nude bum to male students who passed by her second-story dorm window. The cheers from the grateful crowd encouraged the duchess’ mooning and evolved into an obsession.

One of Middleton’s close schoolmates, Jessica Hay, said that Middleton was “kind of got addicted to it.” The duchess reportedly did it no less than 90 times.

Aside from this, another netizen said that if there’s a disturbing thing about the couple it could be their spending habits. For James O’Malley, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoy the wealth their position brings them.

However, the majority couldn’t find any fault with the couple. For them, nothing is disturbing about the pair.

“Disturbing? Not really. They seem to be a normal couple in a good , solid relationship. Each seems to appreciate the other’s good qualities. In fact they are so bland and Milque toasty , it borders on boring,” Hzinzi Lwin, a former pediatrician at Greater Baltimore Medical Center 1 commented.

“I never heard bad things about them,” Carol Davison added.

Just recently, there were rumors that Prince William cheated on Middleton with a family friend, named Rose Hansbury. The palace has already denied the allegations and even issued legal warning to one tabloid publishing details about the rumored affair which was deemed “false and highly damaging.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue to attend royal engagements together. They were last seen at Royal Ascot on Tuesday having a sweet moment by sharing an umbrella. The gesture was reminiscent of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s special moment during their visit to Australia.