Kate Middleton and Prince William may be busy with their royal duties but when they were just newlyweds, they had a certain attitude that reportedly annoyed Prince Charles.

Sally Bedell Smith wrote a new biography of Charles and the literature reportedly included some royal family secrets like how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge peeved the Prince of Wales, Elle reported.

In 2011, Charles was reportedly irked with Middleton and William for being too camera-happy during their Canada tour. It was Middleton and William’s first official royal visit as a married couple and the Charles just felt that the tour featured too many “tasteless” photo ops for the newlyweds and he didn’t like his son and daughter-in-law being too camera-friendly, Daily Mail added.

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Middleton and William charmed the huge crowds that welcomed them from Calgary to California in the said 10-day tour. The royal couple allegedly treated the overseas trip like a personal holiday.

In a clip and several photos shared by the publication, Middleton and William were seen wearing cowboy hats when they were invited and given the honor of pressing the button to launch the legendary Calgary Stampede. In another photo, Middleton’s feather-light Jenny Packham yellow dress was blown up by a gust of wind, which led to an intense discussion if the royal was wearing an underwear or not.

Kevin S. MacLeod, Canadian Secretary to the Queen, organized the Canada tour and allowed the couple to make their itinerary less formal than the previous royal tours. However, it was too casual compared to Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ visit two years ago.

When the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Canada, they were greeted by a relatively small crowd. Charles was reportedly overshadowed by his eldest son.

“Charles felt overshadowed by Diana and now it seems he feels overshadowed by their son. Some people may think he is jealous. I have always felt that as soon as William got married, Charles would feel sidelined,” the report said.

In other news, the majority of the public doesn’t want Parker-Bowles to be the next queen. There is still a great affection for the late Princess Diana, whom many believe would make a better queen than the Duchess of Cornwall. Although 43 percent backed up Charles to succeed his mom in the throne, four in 10 wanted him to pass the throne to William, Daily Mail reported.

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