Kate middleton queen elizabeth
A new report claimed that Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (right) is angry with Kate Middleton's "out-of-control diva" attitude. In this photo, the queen and the duchess react as they watch Prince William start a children's race during a sports demonstration on their visit to Vernon Park in Nottingham, central England, on June 13, 2012. GettyImages/ANDREW YATES/AFP

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II have reignited rumors of a feud between them after a report claimed Prince William’s grandmother is “angry” with the Duchess of Cambridge’s “out-of-control diva” attitude. Since Middleton gave birth to Princess Charlotte, she has been surrounded with several pregnancy and divorce rumors.

Life & Style magazine cited a source saying that the Queen “is royally ticked that Kate has been spending money like an out-of-control diva,” Gossip Cop reported. The queen is reportedly angry after Middleton decided recently to use a helicopter to travel to London, while Queen Elizabeth II opted for a train ride. “The Queen thinks the extravagance makes the royal family look bad,” the magazine reported.

Life & Style magazine reported that Middleton’s helicopter ride cost $5,000, and was “just the latest example of Kate’s spendthrift ways,” adding that: “Kate couldn’t be more different, and it’s causing more and more friction.”

However, Gossip Cop debunked the report saying that the news is false.

This is not the first times rumors surfaced about tensions between Middleton and the queen. According to a report from March 9, 2015, edition of Life & Style, the duchess engaged in an argument with the queen over a difference of opinion regarding child-rearing. The latest allegations come as some reports claimed that the two have a tumultuous relationship, specifically with regards to the raising of Middleton and William's son, Prince George. The 35-year-old gave birth to Princess Charlotte in May 2015.

Life & Style magazine’s Aug. 25, 2015, issue claimed that the feud between the queen and Middleton was so intense that the duchess planned to break royal tradition by moving to the country to provide for a more private life for herself and William.