Prince William and Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton is reportedly threatened by her ex-model neighbor as she vies to be the Queen Bee of the turnip toffs. Pictured: Prince William and Middleton attend the 1st Battalion Irish Guards St Patrick's Day Parade at Cavalry Barracks on March 17, 2019 in Hounslow, England. Getty Image/Gareth Fuller

Kate Middleton is reportedly threatened by one of her neighbors as she vies to become the queen bee of the Turnip Toffs.

According to Daily Mail’s Richard Eden, the Duchess of Cambridge wants to be the queen bee of the Turnip toffs, but she finds a rival to her rural crown in the person of her ex-model neighbor Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. Rose is married to Marquess David and they live at Houghton Hall, one of the country’s finest Palladian houses.

“On the face of it, it's bizarre, but Kate seems to see Rose as a rival,” the insider said.

Prince William and Middleton live at the Anmer Hall in Norfolk. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received the property as a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II following their big wedding day in 2011.

Eden noted that the reason for the alleged competition between Middleton and Rose remains unclear. However, the two couples have become close friends as Prince William and Middleton get to stay in Norfolk for years before they moved to London when the Duke of Cambridge decided to become a full-time working royal.

In 2016, Rose invited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to her place for a black-tie gala dinner. There were about 80 select guests who attended the event and some paid for tickets at a hefty price of $5, 000 to $8,000 just to have the privilege to join the dinner.

The theme for the celebration was “A Taste Of Norfolk“ and a roster of big-name chefs were invited to serve scallops, sea bass, venison from the Houghton estate and local strawberries and raspberries.

During the event, Prince William reportedly joked that he was “skinny” because he had to put up with his wife’s cooking.

Middleton and Rose have numerous similarities from being a mother of three, having one sister, owning designer dresses and more. However, between the two ladies, Catherine Ostler considered Rose the queen bee of the Turnip Toffs because she lives in an even grander style.

In related news, Middleton’s beautiful smile has been praised by netizens. It was revealed that the duchess’ smile had a story behind it. Middleton’s favorite teacher Dr.Robert Acheson, former headmaster of St. Andrews’ Prep School, encouraged her to do this gesture all the time and she didn’t disappoint him.