Kate Middleton wants to look younger and more modern.

Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge made two fashionable appearances when she attended Wimbledon in a perfect summer dress and when she showed up at Archie’s baptism with a red and pink combination.

According to an insider, the duchess is making an effort to look younger and more modern and based on her outings, it worked.

“Kate felt like she was in a bit of a style rut and thought she needed a little edge,” a source told People.

“She’s consciously worked on getting her look to be a bit younger and more modern, and it’s worked! She looks amazing, and she is getting lots of compliments about it.”

True to it, Middleton’s recent fashion was praised by royal fans. In fact, Middleton outshone Markle at Archie’s christening because more netizens noticed her than the first-time mom.

Markle and Middleton’s photos were shared on Instagram and the majority praised the Duchess of Cambridge for looking “stunning,” “amazing,” “beautiful” and “perfect.” A number of netizens also complimented Archie for being cute, but they ignored Markle. 

“Love how Kate wore red shoes and hat w pink dress. Attention not even on the imposture lol good job Kate well played,” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, according to a body language expert, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed signs of stress at Archie’s christening. Prince William and Middleton appeared stiff for royals and were not leaning on each other or on the other members of the family.

Traci Brown also pointed out how Prince William appeared relaxed and happy in family settings but not at Archie’s baptism. She also acknowledged the duke’s dramatic facial expression, which netizens described as “sour” and “unhappy.

While Middleton’s recent fashion was praised, Prince Harry’s wardrobe during his son’s baptism was criticized. Netizens said that the duke looked “terrible.”

According to them, his pale suit was inappropriate for the occasion. They also pointed out his mismatched shoes and socks.