Kate Middleton’s photography skills have improved over the years and recently some experts shared the duchess’ clever techniques in taking perfect photos.

On Tuesday, Kensington Palace shared three snaps of Prince Louis taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself. Middleton previously described herself as an “enthusiastic amateur photographer.” She has improved over the years and experts praised Prince William’s wife for her skills.

According to Bronwen Sharpe, Middleton has the “natural ability to capture humanity.” She added that the duchess is a pro when it comes to composition and color. Middleton is also good in using lighting and focus.

Paparazzi photographer Jamie Harris noticed how Middleton puts her children in bright outfits to make a “photo pop.” She also pointed out how Middleton’s photography skills have improved since her first royal baby portrait of Prince George.

“Kate has a great ability to frame and capture unstaged moments. She has an intuitive eye for colour, composition and light, often placing her subjects in soft lighting,” Sharpe explained.

“She composes her pictures with clarity and balance, with no distracting elements in the background - evident in the recent pictures of Louis and of Charlotte on her second birthday,” she added.

Sharpe also noticed Middleton’s ability to create wonderful out-of-focus backgrounds using limited depth of field. The Duchess of Cambridge uses natural light. She is looking forward to seeing Middleton use a combination of studio lights and natural light.

Meanwhile, Harris said that Middleton ensures that the faces of her children are in focus. If she takes full-length photos, she could crop it to ensure that her framing is more on point without chopping off body parts.

Just recently, Middleton’s photography skills were compared to Prince Harry after the Duke of Sussex shared eight nature photos he personally took to commemorate Earth Day. For Jonathan Jones, the works of both royals feature artistic echoes. However, Prince Harry’s “aesthetic ambitions are too obvious.” As for Middleton’s works, he said that it doesn’t only exhibit technical excellence but conveys emotions, too.

In related news, Middleton has done a lot of things for Prince Louis. After giving birth to the youngest member of the Cambridge family, Middleton cut her hair short. She also celebrated Valentine’s Day by taking Prince Louis around Kensington Palace Gardens.