Kate Middleton and her Prince, William of Wales, will arrive at LAX today after spending some time in Canada. Hopefully, this time when the Duchess of Cambridge lands, her dress will too. When the Royal couple landed in Calgary on Thursday, Kate's dress gave a bit of a peep show. 

Kate, who is being photographed in every moment of the Royal's North American trip, was sure to have a wardrobe malfunction at one point or another. Lucky for Kate, she had nothing to be embarrassed about. The leggy beauty was donning a stunning Jenny Pachkam dress, which was a nice change to her darker wardrobe choices, as of late. 

Regardless of the minor wardrobe mishap, the striking Duchess looked as glamorous as ever. 

Today, the ever-so-graceful Royal couple land in La-La-land where the rich and famous parade down the streets, dine at local restaurants and hit the clubs. However, this couple has opted for a tastefull trip to California. 

The couple will not be staying at famed hotels such as The Viceroy or The W, where celebrities like Britney Spears and Eva Longoria are often spotted, but rather at the British Consulate-General residence in Hancock Park. The Mediterranean-style property has seven bedrooms and bathrooms, and is 7,247-square-feet. 

The streets have been closed down surrounding the area, due to concerns that there will be hordes of media and onlookers. 

The affectionate couple will be greeted by the Governor of California, Jerry Brown.  

Their whirlwind of a California trip will include a business event at the famous Beverly Hilton Hotel, where they are sure to rub shoulders with other high-profile public figure. 

But their California adventure doesn't stop there. On Saturday morning, Prince William is expected to play a charity polo match at the Santa Barbara Polo Club. The match will benefit the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. 

That evening the couple will head back to Los Angeles and will get a taste of Hollywood glitz and glam at the black-tie British Academy of Film and Television Arts dinner, where other notable celebrities attending are Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, and Tom Hanks.