Kate Middleton's wardrobe has stunned the masses on her recent trip to North America.

Middleton reportedly brought 40 outfits-countless individual articles of clothing, shoes and hats-on the excursion, according to PopSugar.com.  

But isn't that a bit extravagant?

Kate Middleton's vast wardrobe is slightly reminiscent of another leading lady, much less loved.

Imelda Marcos-the wife of toppled Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos-was famous for having 3,000 shoes.

She also had 1,000 handbags and 508 gowns.

Who knows how much she packed on trips? Who knows how many more outfits Kate Middleton has waiting for her at home?

With a nearly eight percent unemployment rate, according to the CIA World Factbook, the commoner-cum-duchess-- often compared to the late Princess Diana for being a Princess of the People-- might do well to donate her wardrobe to London's poor.