Kate Middleton’s “terrifying stare” scares the royal fans.

The royal followers are discussing if Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle will be sitting next to Prince Andrew in the upcoming Remembrance Day service. In the snap shared on Twitter, the Duchess of Sussex is seated between Prince Harry and Prince Andrew. Many believed that they will have the same seating arrangement this year.

However, instead of commenting on the seating arrangement, many noticed Middleton’s fierce look in the photo. In the snap, the Duchess of Cambridge looks stunning in her red dress as she sits beside Prince William. Next to the future king is Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles. According to the netizens, Middleton’s stare is “scary.” One said that she felt that Middleton was staring into her soul. Another said that the duchess looks angry.

“That stare is terrifying,” one commented on the photo.

“Can you imagine having family meals with some of these people. If Duchess Meghan couldn't sit by Harry in some of their meals w/the family I bet she would choose The Queen, Charles, Camilla, Anne, Sophie & maybe Zara & Autumn 2 sit by. Maybe Kate but the rest of them,” one netizen wrote.

“The rest of the family are either scary, dull, or idiots. I would choose to sit by Harry, Meghan, Zara, Camilla & Charles personally. Anne might be fun too. I can see her telling other family members off w/one liners during meals,” the same netizen continued in another tweet.

A different user said that Middleton’s stare as shown in the photo is really scary. She added that it was eerie to imagine how the duchess goes from exaggerated laughing into that scary stare.

Middleton is one of the most beautiful royals and while netizens are scared of her stare in the photo, many love her “infectious laughter.” The duchess has such an adorable smile and whenever she starts to laugh with her head backwards she looks like a proper child.

Middleton has a stable background, thanks to her parents Michael and Carole Middleton. According to Ingrid Seward, the royal family did not encounter the issues they had with Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson in Middleton.