Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton's wedding dress includes a nod to all corners of the United Kingdom. Pictured: Middleton and Prince William during the carriage procession to Buckingham Palace following their marriage at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 in London. Getty Images/Sean Gallup

Kate Middleton's wedding dress had more to it than meets the eye.

The Duchess of Cambridge's gown when she walked down the aisle reportedly included intricate details that give a nod to all corners of the United Kingdom. The lace details of Middleton's wedding dress includes rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock, which are national emblems of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Good Housekeeping reported.

Each individual flower was hand-cut from lace, and sewing them onto the ivory silk tulle required incredible attention to detail. It was not an easy task for the team who did it.

"We had to cut out hundreds and hundreds of tiny pieces of the motif from different types of lace, and then apply them to a net backing by stitching them on with tiny stitches which were completely invisible," embroiderer Margaret Dier said.

"We were washing our hands every 30 minutes, just to make sure it was pristine," Gemma Murray added.

When Middleton's bridal gown was still in the works, it was kept secret. The Alexander McQueen gown was designed by Sarah Burton and her team.

"We knew who it was for, but it was very secret - we had net curtains up and cleaners were not allowed into the room and the code on the door was changed," Mandy Ewing, who was part of the team, said. "The dress was all in the news, but nobody knew who was doing it. When you're working you just focus on it and try not think about what's in the news. But it was an exciting event and everybody loved working on it - it was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding on the way, many are also wondering who is designing the future royal's dress. At the moment, the palace has not yet announced the designer, but Katie Nicholl gave an overview as to what to expect for the "Suits" star's bridal gown.

"I'm told that she wants something with lace, that she wants something with sleeves," Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight. "Of course she's dressing for the rather inclement British weather, but more than that she's dressing for a very, very important occasion. So I think you will be probably pleasantly surprised for Meghan the 'rule breaker' when it comes to this dress. I think it's gonna tick all the right boxes: traditional, elegant, sophisticated, memorable, and fitting."

Nicholl also added that Markle is unlikely to spend hundreds of thousands for her wedding gown and insisted that the actress' dress will not upstage the Duchess of Cambridge's, who is the future queen.