Kate Upton Does The "Cat Daddy" Again
A video of outtakes from Kate Upton's GQ photo shoot went viral on Tuesday. GQ

Watch a video below of supermodel Kate Upton showing off her controversial Cat Daddy dance and promoting her sexy new GQ cover on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night.

Kate Upton, who broke into the upper tier of modeling by landing her sexy photo on the cover of this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, continues to impress, and on Wednesday she did a televised re-enactment of her infamous Cat Daddy dance.

The seductive dance became ultra-famous after a YouTube video of her doing it in a super-skimpy bikini went viral, then was taken down by YouTube for supposedly violating its terms and conditions against nudity and lewd content.

The outcry against that move caused YouTube to repost the video, saying it had been taken down by mistake.

Jimmy Fallon couldn't resist asking her to show him how to do the Cat Daddy, which is named for the hit hip-hop song by that name by The Rej3ctz. She gave it a try, saying what else am I here for?

Wearing a black-and-white dress, Kate Upton showed the basics of the dance, which includes motions of buckling your seatbelt and rolling your wheelchair.

Jimmy Fallon did not seem to get the Cat Daddy down quickly, but it made for fun, sexy television.

Kate Upton was also on Late Night in order to promote her hot new GQ cover for the magazine's July 2012 edition, which shows her sucking seductively on a red-white-and-blue popsicle in a patriotic bikini. Inside the magazine is an extremely revealing photo shoot in which she is nearly nude in many of the pictures.

She speaks out in the GQ cover story about a wide range of topics, from her love life (no boyfriend yet, men) to her flirtations with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, her youth riding horses and the reasons why her male followers like her so much.

Click play below to watch the video of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy dance for Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night on Late Night:

If you want to refresh your memory -- which we know you do -- simply click play below to watch the original video of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy in her YouTube clip for Terry TV: