• Kate Winslet said she hadn't seen Leonardo DiCaprio for a very long time due to COVID-19
  • When the "Titanic" co-stars reunited, Winslet said she couldn't stop crying
  • Winslet considers the "Revenant" star a close friend and they are bonded for life

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio had an emotional reunion after not seeing each other for a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Winslet, 46, recalled her most recent reunion with her former "Titanic" co-star in an interview with The Guardian published Thursday. According to the "Mare of Easttown" actress, she "couldn't stop crying" when she finally saw DiCaprio, 47, again.

"I’ve known him for half my life! It's not as if I've found myself in New York or he's been in London and there's been a chance to have dinner or grab a coffee and a catch-up," Winslet told the outlet. "We haven’t been able to leave our countries. Like so many friendships globally, we’ve missed each other because of COVID."

The "Mildred Pierce" star added, "He's my friend, my really close friend. We're bonded for life."

DiCaprio and Winslet played lovers Jack and Rose in the 1997 hit movie "Titanic." At the time, she was only turning 21 and he was turning 22. The film directed by James Cameron was a huge success. When the interviewer told her that DiCaprio complained to him how miserable he was on the set when they were filming due to the "arduous production," Winslet confirmed that "it wasn't pleasant for any of us." However, she added that they were "all in it together."

"Though he had way more days off than I ever bloody did. I guess I was raised to be grateful and just get on with it. I didn’t feel it was my right to be miserable, and if I was miserable, I certainly would not have let a journalist know," Winslet said while laughing. "There is no way I would have let that slip!"

In 2017, the celebrity pals were photographed enjoying a vacation in Saint-Tropez, France. They chatted outside the "Revenant" star's villa before heading to his foundation's annual fundraising gala. He raised $39 million from the event.

In a previous interview in the same year, Winslet expressed interest in working with DiCaprio again. However, she wasn't sure if it would happen.

"At the moment, no. There’s nothing that Leo and I have planned. But as always I would love to work with him again one day but who knows? It might not happen until we’re 70," the Oscar winner told E! News.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet still quote "Titanic" lines at each other. Pictured: DiCaprio and Winslet attend the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on Feb. 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images/Jason Merritt